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 +<html><div style="text-align:right;"></html> {{wiki:de.png?12}}[[de:Pflanzen pflegen|DE]]<html></div></html>====== Caring for Plants ======
 +===== Seeds and Sprouts =====
 +Seeds and sprouts need light and water to grow.
 +==== Light ====
 +**Light** is brought by the sun[[Licht & Wasser#sonne|{{en:sun_3162_.png}}]]. The sun has different intensities of light.
 +^ Image  ^ Intensity of light  ^ Text  ^
 +| {{en:sun_0-2.png|sonne_0-2.png}} | 0 - 2 | ... ^
 +| {{en:sun_3-30.png}} | 3-30 | ... |
 +| {{en:sun_31-315.png}} | 31 - 315 | ... |
 +| {{en:sun_316-3161.png}} | 316 - 3161 | ... |
 +| {{en:sun_3162+.png}} |3162+ | The sun shines bright on your garden and makes everything blossom. |
 +You can remove the clouds which normally hide the sun by playing [[Minigames]].
 +The solar radiation also get stronger by every visit of a flower-image in your own garden. Therefore it's recommended to put your flowers into your forum signatures. The BB-Code for signature links can be found on every flower's page. Just click on the portrait of the flower at your [[greenhouse| Your greenhouse]].
 +==== Water ====
 +One receives **water** just like light by playing the [[minigames]]. After a game is won, there is the possibility to let it rain or to fill the watering can {{en:watering-can_90-100.png}}. \\ Rain waters all plants in the greenhouse evenly with half a drop of water.\\ The watering can is useful to water single plants. Every watered plant gets half a drop of water for each watering action {{en:water1.png}}.
 +==== Water supply ====
 +For seeds and sprouts, the amount of water they have is shown by the number of blue water drops {{en:water2.png}} . When we water a plant, this amount increases in stages shown as half-drops. Generally, 1/2 water drop {{en:water1.png}} is enough for the plant to develop, however, it would progress very slowly. For maximum growth, the plant needs the maximum amount of water {{en:water2.png}}{{en:water2.png}}{{en:water2.png}}{{en:water2.png}}{{en:water2.png}} (with slight tolerances allowing for watering only once a day). For more details, see [[Development/Evolution stages]]).
 +Plants use up water at different rates, depending on their species. That's why it's hard to tell how long we can leave our garden unwatered before the development of plants is completely stopped. Finding it out first-hand isn't a big problem because the plants cannot be damaged when left without water.
 +====Watering your plants====
 +In order to water a specific plant, we must go to its page. We can get there from the Greenhouse by clicking the plant image {{en:white_clover_germ.png}} or the "View" link (This link is only available if you have selected the "classic list" layout in the [[Settings]].
 +By clicking the 'water' link on the plant page, we provide the plant with a half-drop of water. We can repeat this action as long as there is water in our watering can. When we run out of water, we receive the notice "There was no water in your watering can!" and the watering can image on the  [[Greenhouse]] page appears with a cobweb {{en:watering-can_0-9.png}}, indicating that it is empty. In this case we should go to [[|My Greenhouse]] and follow the pixie {{en:pixie1.png?32}} . After winning a Minigame we can ask him to refill our watering can. You can see the different stages of the watering can in the table below:
 +^ Image ^ Amount of water ^ Text ^
 +| {{en:watering-can_0-9.png}} | 0% - 9% | Your watering can is empty, you should fill it up and water your plants. |
 +| {{en:watering-can_10-89.png}} | 10% - 89% | There is some water in your watering can. Select a plant to water it. |
 +| {{en:watering-can_90-100.png}} | 90% - 100% | Your watering can is full of water, select a plant to water it. |
 +Alternatively, if we ask the pixie to make it rain, all our seeds and sprouts will receive 1/2 drop of water {{en:water1.png}} each. Providing too much water is not possible. Apart from the visible 5 drops, there is also another 1/2 drop "hidden" in-game. After that, further watering has no effect.
 +====Dew irrigation====
 +Through clicking on other peoples plants or the signature-link, the gardeners can help each other with watering their plants. The link can be shared or shown in one's own signature in a forum. Clicking on a signature link leads to the plant's page. If the plant did not have full water by then, it will be provided with some dew (1/20 of a drop of water). If the action was successful, it will show the text "You watered the plant with some dew." at the top of the page. The plant can be watered again after 12 hours have passed. For increasing the water level of a plant more quickly there have to be several people clicking on the plant.
 +===== Adult Plants =====
 +When a plant reaches adulthood, there is no need to care for it anymore. Mature plants can get sunlight and water on their own. However, this will probably be changed in the future.
 +\\ **Reference:** [[|News - Flowergame]], [[|Big update / Gro├čes update]]
 +Adult plants can be bred to other adult plants of the same species ([[special flowers]] are an exception to this rule). A player must wait exactly once a week in order to bred the plant again.
 +\\ **Reference:** [[|News - Flowergame]]
 +\\ If we have fewer than 3 seeds (in the 3 flowerpots available on the [[Greenhouse]] page), the bred seed stays in our garden and we are redirected to its page right after breeding. If all three seed slots are already taken, the bred seed is abandoned automatically to the Wild Garden.
 +\\ **Reference:** [[|Help - Flowergame]]
 +\\ The infomation about parents is visible on the bred seed's page, even if the seed was taken from the Wild Garden.
 +\\ **Reference:** [[|News - Flowergame]]
 +If we breed a plant species that has several color variants, the offspring can be any color. The color of the parents doesn't matter.
 +\\ **Reference:** [[|News - Flowergame]]
 +\\ The final color of the offspring cannot be foreseen until the flower is fully grown.
 +\\ **Reference:** [[|News - Flowergame]]
 +All adult plants, sprouts, and seeds can be [[Gifting plants|gifted]] to other players. Gifting a seed is only possible if the giftee has a free seed slot; there is currently no limit for sprouts or adult plants.
 +This wiki contains graphics/pictures by [[|]].