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 +====== Help ======
 +**How can I help?**
 +  *Expand or improve an already existing article - or create a new page if the new contents you want to add don't fit any of the existing pages. [[|Here]] you can see all the existing articles.
 +  *This Wiki is the English counterpart of the German wiki. As new contents and articles may appear in both language versions, please consider helping us with translation.
 +  *Please link the newly created pages (e.g. on the [[|Homepage]]). All unlinked pages are difficult to find and can only be reached via "Search".
 +  *When providing references/sources, please use the following pattern:\\ **Reference:** Link|TopicName
 +  *Please use the disclaimer at the end of articles containing images. You should use the following pattern (including the blank line above):<html>
 +<br />
 +<br />\\ 
 +<br />----
 +<br />\\ 
 +<br />This wiki contains graphics/pictures by [[|]].
 +<br /><br /></html>
 +  *When uploading images, please use the following naming pattern:\\ flowername_seed.png, flowername_germ.png, flowername_variant1.png, ...
 +**Useful links**
 +  *In the [[|Manual]] you will find the basics of creating Wiki pages.
 +  *On the [[|Playground]] you can practise editing articles.
 +  *If you have any questions concerning this Wiki, you can post them on the [[|Forum]].
 +  *You can upload data via the [[|Media-Manager]].