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Bear's Garlic


Basic Information

English Name: Bear's Garlic
German Name: Bärlauch
Latin Name: Allium ursinum
Released Date: 2011.04.30
Number of variant: 1
Colour assigned: white/green


The bear's garlic is a valued wild vegetable. It is related to chives, onion and garlic. The leaves have a characteristic garlic smell. The seeds need low temperature to sprout. Sometimes it can take up to two years until the seed sprouts. The leaves of bear's garlic are a popular wild vegetable in spring. They can be confused with the poisonous leaves of lily of the valley, autumn crocus and spotted Arum. The leaves should not be collected when the white flowers bloom, so the plant can collect enough power for the next year.

Additional Information

  1. They can only be bred to the same species.

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