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Common Snapdragon


Basic Information

English Name: Common Snapdragon
German Name: Löwenmäulchen
Latin Name: Antirrhinum majus
Released Date: 2013.07.07
Number of variant: 3
Colour assigned:

  • Variant 1: Yellow
  • Variant 2: Pink
  • Variant 3: Red


The snapdragon is a famous gardening plant which is native to the Mediterranean region. In the laboratory it is a model organism. Elves and pixies use the seeds as horror-decoration, as they look like fairy sculls. In the time the seeds ripen the little folk plays the popular "I scare you – you scare me", many of them falling from their stems laughing. Though perennial, the species is often cultivated as a biennial or annual plant, particularly in colder areas where it may not survive the winter. The name snapdragon, originates from the flowers' reaction to having their throats squeezed, which causes the "mouth" of the flower to snap open like a dragon's mouth.

Additional Information

  1. They can only be bred to the same species.

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