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Frequently Asked Questions

Garden and Plants

How do i care for a plant?

Plants need two ressources: Water and light. They get water when somebody visits them or when you water them manually. They get light from the sun in your garden, the less clouds the more light they get. A sun without clouds is the highest amount of light they can get. More details can be found at: Caring for Plants

How many plants can I have?

There is no limit for the number of adult flowers and sprouts one can have. However, there is a limit for the number of seeds: four at a time.
Reference: News - Flowergame

At present, the seeds delivered by the post pixie use additional seed slots. This is going to change in the future. It will be possible to have an unlimited number of parcels with special seeds. As soon as the parcel is unwrapped, it will disappear; the seeds will be stored separately, awaiting a free seed slot (flowerpot).

Seeds can be gifted, but in order to accept the gift, the giftee must have fewer than 3 own seeds.

Will my plants die?

No. Plants will not die at any stage of their development.

Note: In the past, mature plants could wither (get limp) if they had no water and the Sun was completely covered by clouds. Limp flowers died after 14 days if they didn't get any sun and water in the meantime. In order to prevent withering, the flowers could be planted in the garden. Then they were automatically provided with enough water.
Reference: News - Flowergame

At present, each adult plant gets light and water on its own.
Reference: News - Flowergame

Seeds and sprouts will stop growing when they have completely no light or water. As soon as they are provided with a little light and water, they resume their growth. Depending on these amounts, they can develop very slowly or very fast. The development is fastest with maximum water (5 drops) and full sunlight.
Reference: News - Flowergame

How can I gift flowers to other players?

When you go to the flower's page, you will find three boxes with codes. The first box contains Gift URL. Paste it into a PM or an e-mail, or post it on the forum. The link goes expired after 48 hours without being claimed. Please note that gift URLs posted on the forum can be claimed by anyone, so if your flower is meant for a specific player, you should use PM or e-mail instead.

How long does it take for a flower to grow up?

A plant now needs 100 hours to grow from seed to sprout and another 100 hours to grow from sprout to mature form with full sun an water. Plants can grow to the next stage within only 92 hours when making use of the growth bonus. Meanwhile, the growth bonus gives a growth bonus which equals 2 hours under perfect conditions, affects the plant you interacted with and is only available to the owner of the plant. This bonus can only be triggered on seeds and sprouts and only once every 24 hours per plant.
Reference: News - Flowergame

How many seeds can I abandon at one time?

Three at one time. Then you will have to wait for 24 hours before repeating this action.

Why there is still a question mark in my Compendium even after I have raised the plant to adult?

That means that kind of plant has more than one variant. The question mark will disappear once you have all the variants.

I can't seem to find a special seed in the wild garden?

Some seeds can only be obtained during seasonal events or by completing (secret) tasks. Usually only species, which do realy exist, can be found in the wild garden, but even those might be "out of stock" so you need to be patient sometimes.

I would like a certain plant to show up in my Compendium. Is it enough to borrow it for a short time?

The Compendium shows all the development stages and color variants you have or ever had in your Garden. Any new plant you get appears there immediately and is never deleted, even if you abandon or gift it and you have no other plant of this kind. The Compendium doesn't show you your current flower collection; it rather reflects the state of your knowledge and shows you what plants you are still missing.

Other players have more facilities in their gardens. Why do I have only Greenhouse?

At the beginning it's important to get some basic experience with caring for plants. As soon as you have raised 3 plants in your own garden (those gifted to you by other players don't count), you will be rewarded with getting an access to the Atrium. You can decorate the Atrium with adult plants according to your own taste, create seasonal designs etc. Winter garden is supposed to appear after raising 15 plants in person and for Forest Lake, it is 40. Plants gifted by other players don't count.

Breeding Questions

I would like to breed a few flowers of a certain color. Should both parents be this color for it to work?

The color of parent plants doesn't matter. The color of the offspring is randomly selected by the system the moment your plant grows up. In order to get a specific color variant, you should just breed flowers of this species as often as possible until you are lucky. It can be helpful to check for trade offers on the Forum, or even to start your own trading thread. Swapping is usually easier than getting the desired color variant on your own.

I have two adult plants of the same species, but I cannot breed them. The only available options are "Trash" and "Abandon". What's wrong with my flowers?

Nothing is wrong with your plants, they only need a little time. You must wait 7 days after each breeding for the "Breed" option to reappear. Then your plants are ready to breed again. If you have no "Breed" option on the flower's page, it means you either bred it yourself in the last seven days or you were given a plant that was bred recently by its previous owner.

It's early December and I have two Christmas Trees. I'd like to breed them before Christmas to get one of the variants I'm still missing. Why is there no "Breed" option available?

The Christmas season may have already started in real life, but in Flowergame it usually begins right before the holidays. Follow the News section on the forum and watch out for an announcement.

When I breed two different variants, by which order will they look in lineage?

The one with the lower number always appears on the left side.


When I play the Pathway-game, I can see several starting points, and sometimes I discover more than one possible pathway. Is there only one way to the goal, or maybe it doesn't matter which way I choose?

Only two things are important: you shouldn't go back, and you should be in the top row when you finish the game. There can be many possible starting points and paths to the goal.

I'm hopeless as a plumber. When I play the Pipe-game, I must give up way too often. Is there any trick to make it easier?

Well, there are actually no tricks as such, but you can learn some useful methods. Some tasks are very easy and can be used to practise. On the other hand, the most difficult tasks sometimes require a little "tricky" thinking. Try looking for the way both from the top and from the bottom. Obviously, some ways will turn out to be blind alleys and then you have to go a little back and look for a better way. In some respects, the Pipe-game is very similar to a maze. Sometimes the way is very simple and direct; sometimes it's very indirect and complicated. You win the game when you connect the last two pipes and the water can flow from the half-buried pipe at the top to the the sprinkler at the bottom. Don't give up: with some practice you will make a good plumber!

Some information is quoted from FAQ in the forums

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