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Flaming Katy


Basic Information

English Name: Flaming Katy
German Name: Flammendes Käthchen
Latin Name: Kalanchoe blossfeldiana
Released Date: 2013.01.08
Number of variant: 3
Colour assigned:

  • Variant 1: Red
  • Variant 2: Yellow
  • Variant 3: Pink


The Flaming Katy comes from Madagascar. It is an easy-care and popular house plant. The seeds are really tiny. 1 gram of them contains 70000 to 80000 little grains. The leaves of this succulent plant are thick and covered with wax. In this way, the plant prevent evaporation of water. To generate new flowers, they need at least one month a short day phase with less than 12 hours of light a day.

Additional Information

  1. They can only be bred to the same species.
  2. Most probably, variant 2 and 3 are only available by breeding. (TBC)

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