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Basic Information

English Name: Liverleaf
German Name: Leberblümchen
Latin Name: Anemone hepatica
Released Date: 2012.04.03
Number of variant: 1
Colour assigned: Blue


The liverleaf is a herbacious perennial plant from the buttercup family. In Germany it is a protected plant. It is not allowed to collect it. The liverleaf seeds sprout after they are exposed to temperatures below 0°C for a few weeks. It needs calciferous soil to grow. The leaves are reminiscent in its shape a little of the human liver, hence the name. After the medieval doctrine of signatures, the plant was formerly used in liver disease as a medicinal plant. All plant parts contain protoanemonin, a weak poison that can cause skin irritation. The petals close at night and in rain. The opening movement is triggered by growth of bracts. This allows them to grow during the heyday up to twice its original size.

Additional Information

  1. They can only be bred to the same species.

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