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There are several minigames which can be accessed via direct link or via the "Greenhouse" page, as long as you are logged in. On the greenhouse page, a pixie invites you to follow him. The word "follow" is the link to one of the minigames. There are 7 different pixies: a bored pixie, a diligent pixie, a little pixie, a hungry pixie, a shy pixie, a sleepy pixie and a cheeky pixie.

Currently there are 5 mini games available. Which game appears is chosen randomly. You can switch to another game by refreshing the page.

Basket game

Seasonal items are raining down from a cloud to the bottom where they have to be collected in a basket. The basket is moved with the mouse cursor. The items have different values, the bundle of twigs subtracts points. The goal is to collect at least 100 points.


Form chains vertically and horizontally of three or more flowers. To do that, swap two adjacent flowers by clicking on them. By clicking on a flower a second time the chosen flower is unselected. If no chain is formed through a move the two selected flowers switch back to their previous places. To win the game, you have to complete the shown number of flower chains at the bottom.

Memory game

Click on a pair of cards to reveal the pictures underneath. Find all matching pairs to win the game.

Pipe game

Build a pipe from top to bottom. Start at the half-buried pipe at the top and find a path to the sprinkler at the bottom. Click on a pipe to rotate it clockwise. Obstacles cannot be moved.

Pathway game

Find a path across the field by following the symbols on the scroll. Start in the bottom row and find a way to the top row. You win when your last move ends in the top row. If you click on a field that is not highlighted on the scroll or not adjacent to the last field, you have to start again.

After successfully completing a game you get a reward from the pixie. You can choose between 3 options: He will fill up your watering can, he will let it rain on your growing flowers or he will shove away some of the clouds in front of the sun.

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