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Basic Information

English Name: Nasturtium
German Name: Kapuzinerkresse
Latin Name: Tropaeolum major
Released Date: 2012.10.17
Number of variant: 2
Colour assigned:

  • Variant 1: Yellow
  • Variant 2: Orange


The scientific name of the nasturtium derives from the appearance of their leaves and flowers. They are reminiscent of swords and helmets. The Romans picked up the swords and weapons of their defeated enemies and hung them on established posts which were called tropaeum. The seeds of the nasturtium are edible. Immature they are used as a substitute for capers. The surface of the shield-shaped leaves owns the lotus effect. Water simply runs off them. The red, orange or yellow flowers appear from early summer to late autumn. If the plant is fertilized too much, it forms only leaves and no flowers.

Additional Information

  1. They can only be bred to the same species.

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