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Basic Information

English Name: Saintpaulia
German Name: Usambaraveilchen
Latin Name: Sanitpaulia ionantha
Released Date:
Number of variant: 5
Colour assigned:

  • Variant 1: White
  • Variant 2: Blue
  • Variant 3: Purple
  • Variant 4: Violet
  • Variant 5: Pink


At the first sight Saintpaulia looks like a violet. It originates in rainforests of Tanzania and Kenya. It is one of the most popular house plants, as it is very easy to grow. It is easiest to reproduce through leaf cuttings. Its natural environment is rocky ground in the shadow of trees. Therefore, it cannot stand too much water or direct sunlight. It is a perennial, evergreen plant. Its leaves form a rosette and are thick, plump and hairy. When watering, one should be careful never to spill water on leaves, as this will leave brown spots. Flowers can be violet, purple, pink, blue or white, depending on the type.

Additional Information

  1. They can only be bred to the same species.

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