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Language selection

On every Flowergame page there are two little flags (for German and English) in the upper right-hand corner. After clicking on one of those flags, the language of the game changes to the selected language for all game-pages. The language remains selected until it is changed manually again. When visiting Flowergame again, the game will be displayed in the last selected language.

Account settings

To change your account settings, click on the link Settings in the upper left-hand corner. You have to be logged in to see this link

The options normally are easily understandable. Among other things you can change the layout for Flowergame individually.

Fill in to change password: Under certain circumstances it could be necessary or desired to change the password. Just fill in the new password, repeat it in the second input field.

Update if your email address has been changed Enter your new email address.

To confirm these changes you have to enter your current password at the last input field and click on Change settings

Ingame Options

Sort plants in my garden by

  • Species: The species are displayed alphabetically by the Latin names.
  • Oldest plants first
  • Newest plants first
  • Color

Arrange in

  • Compact grid: This option only shows the plant portraits, but no written information. You can look at the details of the plants by clicking on their picture.
  • Classic list: Shows picture, name (English/German and Latin) and view-link for every plant.

Show all flowers in greenhouse: All flowers, even those you put into your Atrium, will be displayed in your greenhouse, if you check this box. If you don't check it, plants that are in your Atrium won't be displayed in your greenhouse.

Enable quicksort (Sorting options can be changed in your greenhouse): Checking this box won't change anything at the moment. It's a feature the Flowergame-team is still working on.

Confirm your Identity

Current password You'll need to enter your current password for confirming all changes you made.


If you don't want to save your changes, just leave the settings-page. All changes will be deleted.

Change settings

Clicking on this button will save all changes you made in your settings. Before clicking on it, make sure all changes are as planned (especially when you changed your password or email address).

Delete account

With this button you can delete your Flowergame-Account. Hopefully you enjoyed the game, even if you chose this option. Before your account is irretrievably deleted a confirmation message will pop-up. Caution: The pop-up only shows if Java-Script is enabled!

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