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Basic Information

English Name: Tulip
German Name: Tulpe
Latin Name: Tulipa gesneriana
Released Date:
Number of variant: 7
Colour assigned:

  • Variant 1: Lt Blue
  • Variant 2: Dark Blue
  • Variant 3: Purple
  • Variant 4: Pink
  • Variant 5: Peach
  • Variant 6: Orange
  • Variant 7: Yellow


One of the most popular garden and cut blooms worldwide. Originally native to the southeastern Mediterranean region, it blooms almost everywhere in gardens and announces the spring. Tulips sprout from bulbs, which withdraw themselves after the bloom back into the earth. Once the soil and the air become warmer, the tulips begin their caps out of the earth. There are tulips in the most varied colours and variations. Many of these are caused by breeding, especially in Holland.

Additional Information

  1. They can only be bred to the same species.

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