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Wood Forget-me-not


Basic Information

English Name: Wood Forget-me-not
German Name: Wald-Vergissmeinnicht
Latin Name: Myosotis Sylvatica
Released Date: Jun 08, 2016
Number of variant: 1
Colour assigned: Lt Blue


Native to whole Europe, the wood forget-me-not is now also common to North America. It is a popular spring bloomer and shows best advantage in clusters. Commonly, the flower is biennial, and a decorative plant of old in gardens and parks. The scientific name Myosotis derives from the Greek and means "mouse's ear", which also gave the plant the name "little blue mouse's ear" in German. It is said, that the Forget-me-not is the only plant, where the meaning of the name in every language is the same - for example in German Vergiss-mein-nicht, in France ne m’oubliez pas or wu wang cao in Chinese, wich means "do not forget herb". Even for the pixies this flower is very popular. The small folk uses its magic at weddings, placing wreathes of flowers around their necks, thus binding themselves in fidelity to each other. In addition, its blue blossoms are a symbol of kind remembrance and partings in love, therefore, in remembrance of Nephele, every house is adorned by at least one forget-me-not at present.

Additional Information

  1. They can only be bred to the same species.

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