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Special Plants

Special Plants are obtainable only seasonally, during special event, such as Christmas, Easter, Halloween etc. Some seeds can be picked up from the Wild Garden and/or bred, while other ones are delivered in parcels by the Post Pixie after completing a quest or a riddle. These flowers have a few special features, and unlike regular plants they are always imaginary species, not existing in real life. The event are never exactly the same, so one can look forward to something new every year. We will be trying to keep this list up-to-date.

Seasonal plants can only be collected during their special season. During their season a crossing can result in the old variants of former years or the new variant. You can check the page Breeding to see how high the percentage chance of getting a seasonal plant is.

Name (German, Latin) Seed Sprout Flower Information
(Schreckenskürbis, Cucurbita horribilis)
Halloween Event plants.

Variant 2, 3 and 4 are bred-only. Can only be bred with pumpkins.
Snappy tree stump
(Bissiger Baumstumpf, Ceppo Pungente)
Halloween Event plants.
Audrey II
(Audrey II, Dionaea Audrey II aliena)
Halloween Event plants.
Christmas Tree
(Weihnachtsbaum, Abies procera)
Christmas plant

Variant 3, 7 and 9 are bred-only
Obtainable from the Wild Garden and by breeding during the Christmas season:
Can only be bred with Christmas trees or poinsettias.
Christmas Star
(Stern der Weihnacht, Facella natale miracilis)
Christmas plant

Obtainable only in the season, by breeding a star or a Christmas Tree to a Poinsettia
Christmas wreath
(Weihnachtsgestecke, Lucidezzdea natale)
Christmas plant

Variant 6 is breed-only
Lucky clover
(Glücksklee, Trifolium felix sylvesteri)
New Year plant

Seeds are available in the Wild Garden only for a short time around New Year's Eve.
(Feuerwerk, Scintillae magicae)
New Years plant
Heart of Valentine
(Valentinsherz, Cuore Sanct Valentino)
Valentine plant

Heart of Valentine + Bleeding Heart = Heart of Valentine (high chance)
Bleeding Heart + Bleeding Heart = Heart of Valentine (low chance)

Breeding to Bleeding Heart (Tränendes Herz, Lamprocapnos spectabilis) is possible all year round and produces Bleeding Hearts.
(-, Corda volitantia)
Valentine plant
(-, Heobroma agapitós)
Valentine Plant
Pussy willow
(-, Salix caprea)
Easter Plant
St.Pattys Treasure
(St.Pattys Schatz, Aurum sankt patriosum)

St. Patrick's Event:

Seeds can be found in the Wild Garden. Raising St. Patty's Treasure is connected with some secret.
Easter Egg
(Osterei, Ostara leporidata muemmelmannsbergia)

Variant 3 and 4 are breed-only.
Witch Mushroom
(Hexenhutpilz, Walpurgia faustinis)
Variant 3 is breed-only.
Available in the Wild Garden for a short time after Walpurga's Night (April 30th)
April 22th - May 1st 2012: Available in the Wild Garden and breedable
Marvel Fern
(Zauberfarn, Filicis miraculii)
Variants 3, 4, and 6 are breed-only

Possibility to obtain a Marvel Fern by breeding two Male Ferns (low chance) or a Marvel Fern to a Male Fern (high chance).
Indian Chrysanthemum
(Chrysanthemum indicum)
Released July 2023. Available in the Wild Garden only in season (starting in late July.) Apparently only breed between August and February

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