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The Wild Garden

The Wild Garden is the place where players can find seeds to plant in their own gardens. The Home Page shows 3 seeds at a time, while the Wild Garden page shows 15 seeds at a time. If you have no seeds at the moment, you can pick up four; otherwise the number will be smaller or you won't be able to collect any seeds at all (you can care for max. 4 seeds at a time). If you don't see the seed you are looking for, you can refresh the page to see a new set or come back later. The displayed seeds change every time you refresh.

Unlike many other games, both the seeds found at the Home Page and in the Wild Garden can be either parentless or bred by other players. It is also possible to find sprouts abandoned by other users, but it happens very rarely. A player is now able to click on a certain seed to see if it is parentless or bred before actually taking the seed to their greenhouse.

If the News link at the top shows up in red, it usually means that a new Events has been announced by the Flowergame Team. New releases usually happen in the first days of each month, so this is the best time to watch out for brand new seeds. These are also the times when you might need some patience to find the seeds you are looking for. The new seeds get picked up very fast, and it can take a while before a new batch is generated. If there are many players online actively searching for the specific seed, it's actually a matter of luck who finds it first.

Freshly collected seeds are dry; the sprouting process can only begin when you provide them with a minimum amount of Sunlight and Water. It is also possible to find a seed that has been already watered (and then abandoned) by the previous owner. The growth process is not reversed by abandoning, so it is actually possible for a freshly collected seed to sprout very soon.

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