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The gardening year in Flowergame stretches over the entire calendar year. The team, and especially Nephele who creates the game graphics, do their best to release one or even two new plants every month.

Special days and holidays, such as Christmas, Easter, Halloween etc. are celebrated with events. On such occassions, special plants are typically released. These plants can be found or obtained by breeding only in their specific season. However, some of the special flowers are breedable to regular flowers all year round, producing regular flowers.

The events usually last for a few days. The exact time-frames are announced on the forum before each event. At present, the start and end dates are still manually activated, so we have to wait for the official annoucement to start our event activities. Dates from previous years are irrelevant. This is going to change in the future: the events will start and end automatically, but we don't know when these changes will be introduced.

Getting special plants

  • Most special plants can be picked up from the The Wild Garden during the events.
  • Some special plants can be obtained only by breeding a certain special plant to a certain regular plant in a specific season (e.g. Christmas Star).
  • Some special plants are neither picked up nor bred; they are only obtainable by solving a riddle or completing a quest. Around Christmas 2011 we were given a beautifully designed, complex Christmas quest for the first time.

Special plants obtainable during events are described in the article Breeding, section Special Characteristics. For detailed information on event time-frames, see the list of Special Plants.

Past Events

Valentine's Day


St. Patrick's Day

  • St. Patty's Event 2012
    • 17th March - 24th March: St. Patty's treasures found in the Wild Garden
  • St. Patty's Event 2013
    • 14th March - 17th March: St. Patty's treasures found in the Wild Garden
  • St. Patty's Event 2014
    • 11th March - 25th March: St. Patty's treasures found in the Wild Garden

April's Fool

Walpurgis Night




    • 6th December 2014- 22nd January 2015: Breeding for Christmas plants are available. Due to the cancellation of Christmas Market, the event was extended to 22nd January, instead of the planned 6th January.
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