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The Greenhouse

Ways of access:

  1. You can always get to your Greenhouse from the top link bar.
  2. You can get to your Greenhouse from My Garden page by following the link.


At the top of your Greenhouse you will discover the icons Sun , the Water can and the Pixie , who invites you to follow it to the Minigames.

Pixies' Name Bored Pixie Cheeky Pixie Diligent Pixie Hungry Pixie Little Pixie Shy Pixie Sleepy Pixie Post Pixie

The 4 flowerpots are used for sowing the seeds you can get from the The Wild Garden, from Breeding, as a Gifting from another player, or from a Parcel delivered by the Post Pixie during Events. Each flowerpot can accommodate one seed. Seeds delivered by post pixie will occupy your empty pots. However, if you are pot-locked at that time, delivered seeds will be placed in extra pots instead.


Below the seeds you will find sprouting plants in flowerpots. Currently there is no limit to the number of sprouts you can have.
Below the sprouts you will find your collection of adult plants. According to your Language selection, the Greenhouse will show all the plants you own, or only those not displayed in your other garden locations.

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