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Flowergame Wiki

Welcome to the wiki for the browsergame Flowergame, which allows you to have your own virtual garden. The wiki provides useful information about the game, especially the plants, which you can adopt, breed and gift to others.

Note: The wiki is not run by the developers of the game. Although great effort has been made to assure accuracy, the Wiki team does not guarantee the correctness of all information which is collected here.
The wiki also will contain spoilers to the game. If you don't want to spoil your fun with the game and want to explore the world of Flowergame on your own, you may not want to visit the following pages.
Because the purpose of the Wiki is not to develop the solutions for all the little secrets and riddles you'll come across, we will not be providing step-to-step solutions for these.


Anyone who wants to help is very welcome. At the page Help you can find advice and guidelines for that. We also added some links, which could be helpful while working on the wiki.

The wiki contains graphics/pictures by

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